The Story of Yemalla

Yemalla was born of synchronicities. In 2017 while traveling in Nicaragua, Joe and Nicole stumbled upon a light filled art studio with open air courtyards. The director of the collective offered to show us around and introduced us to some of the artists there – many of whom had special needs or disabilities. The words from the director were “just because someone has imperfections, doesn’t mean they can’t create something beautiful”. The art Joe and Nicole brought home left a lasting impression, and in 2020, they reached out to see if they could bring art from this beautiful part of Nicaragua to the world, and so Yemalla was born. A collection of handmade goods from artists around the world.

Our Mission is to offer a collection of handmade goods from artists around the world. To offer meaningful and intentional pieces that are sustainable and responsible.

Why the name Yemalla?

Translated from various indigenous cultures in both central America and Africa, the name Yemalla gives a nod to the goddess of the sea and women, more commonly called “Yemaya”. To us, Yemalla embodies the blessings of the sea, and the beautiful power of women.